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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Food Belly Fat Loves

Have you ever wondered how celebrities look fabulous constantly, regardless of what is going on in their lives? Do you ever notice how within weeks of having a baby, female stars look in tip-top shape? Why is this and how do they achieve it? If you have spent most of your life dieting only to find that you were unsuccessful, then you are already aware that dieting does not work for you and what is even more disturbing is that for most people it will never work. Imagine working extremely hard to lose weight, you manage to keep it off for 2-3 months, or even a year, then suddenly all the weight piles back on again. How frustrating and disappointing must that be and how unhappy you must feel. Only a small percentage of people in the population get results from dieting, you can throw any diet in front of them and they will lose weight. They have enough will power to stick to the diet, resisting any temptation to have a break and eat their favorite unhealthy snack. Not all of us are strong enough to ignore cravings or block out any psychological urges we are confronted with.

The sad reality is statistics show that 95% of dieters will never lose weight and keep it off if the focus is on diet and exercise alone. As obesity is rampant in out society and is becoming more accepted as normal, what we don't pay attention to is that it is also a killer. With TV commercials and billboards advertising nutrient deficient super-sized fast foods, it is no wonder why people struggle to lose belly fat. Even when taking a trip down to the shopping mall, it is difficult to resist the sight of fatty and sugar filled food that is on display in abundance. These foods are processed foods containing chemicals, which are harmful to your body. Pizza's, hamburgers, milkshakes, chocolate, cakes, sugar laced breakfast cereals, fizzy drinks... the list is endless. No matter how we try to escape, we are constantly bombarded with the food belly fat loves.
This food "termed" junk food has been given that name for a very good reason. When you come to the awareness of what it is made from, the name fits perfectly. No matter how well it is disguised, brightly coloured and highly flavored, often to mask its repulsive smell, its life-giving nutritional value is near to zero. For example less than 20% of chicken is present in a chicken nugget, the remainder of it is chicken skin, mechanically removed protein from the bones and water full of artificial flavoring and coloring.
Doughnuts, candy bars, biscuits and ready made tinned and packet foods are laden with ingredients that do little or nothing for our health. Dangerous fats that cause damage to our heart and arteries, additives that trigger hyperactivity and skin conditions such as eczema. The most worrying thing is that this type of food is highly addictive and directed towards children, who once addicted, find it difficult to shake off the bad eating habits and are likely to end up as obese adults.
In life we are faced with choices, things we can control and contrary to what you have been taught or have experienced so far about losing weight, you don't have to be stuck in that body for the remainder of your life. In order for this transformation to take place, it first requires a totally new mindset and you need to address the underlying cause. Unless you address the root of the problem and deal with it, you will continue to struggle and see no results.
What is about to be revealed to you, will enable to understand the root of your problem and deal with it effectively and permanently. With the help of leading scientists, extensive research has been carried out to establish the mechanisms in our body that control our behaviour. In our brain there is a neurotransmitter called serotonin, it is found in the central nervous system and in the intestine. It is responsible for the feeling of well-being and is also called the "happy hormone".
Serotonin also works with our bio-balance and it has been discovered that when our bio-balance is misaligned, your serotonin levels decrease, which cause feelings of unhappiness or even depression. This action causes the natural chemical in our brain dopamine, to become over active. Dopamine is responsible for transmitting craving signals to our body. It could make us crave for anything from unhealthy foods that cause stomach fat, to nicotine, alcohol or compulsive behaviours in order for our brains to release more serotonin. When serotonin is released it causes a temporary peak, when we are satisfied until the levels drop again, at that point dopamine kicks in, driving us into another cycle of addiction. This vicious circle continues until our bio-balance is in correct alignment.
Bio-balance is simply when we are free from negative emotions, damaging toxins and we are connected and in harmony with people and the world. With a healthy bio-balance you experience happiness, enjoy good health, high levels of energy and the ability to control your emotions and weight.
The Transformation Solution Program, has 18 defined stages you will be guided through, to enable you to suppress your brains cravings. On completion of the program you will have achieved a healthy bio-balance, which will enable you to end your uncontrollable cravings, unhealthy behaviours and double your fat burning ability, without starving or depriving yourself from food. As a result you will experience higher energy levels and an increase in your health. You will learn how to heal your emotions, be happy, live a more meaningful enriched life and make a difference in the lives of others.
As we have previously mentioned, typical diets are ineffective as they do not allow you to experience permanent weight loss and good health. If you want to find out how to overcome eating the food belly fat loves...

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5970930

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