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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Download Game PSX Rip Alundra Only 35 MB Megaupload Link @ My Blog

Download Game Alundra PSX Hanya 35 MB Gan!!!!!

Genre: Adventure-Action (single player)
Platform: PlayStation, PlayStation Network
Release: June 5, 1998

Alundra is considered a spiritual sequel to Climax Entertainment's Landstalker on the Sega Genesis.
The game starts with Alundra being on a ship. After walking around and talking to the people, Alundra decides to take a nap. He has a mysterious dream where a strange being named Lars tells him that he is a wizard and one of the guardians of the seal. Suddenly, Alundra sees a vision from the village of Inoa. After that, Lars calls Alundra 'Releaser' and tells him that north of the village there is a dark lake and below it there has lied a demon for over 1000 years and now the demon has awakened once more. After telling this, a creature named Melzas appears and points out that nobody has the power to stop him, especially not a human like Alundra. After talking with Lars about humans and the 'Releaser', Melzas disappears. Lars tells Alundra to travel to Inoa and stop the demon.

Suddenly Alundra wakes up and after getting out of his cabin, he finds out that there is a huge storm above the ship. The captain tells the crew not to worry but they sail into the reef and the ship breaks from the middle. After this Alundra loses consciousness.

Alundra wakes up on a beach and a man named Jess comes and rescues him. In the village of Inoa, Alundra discovers he is a Dreamwalker and undertakes many quests, playing both in people's dreams and the village surroundings. Soon, he finds out he is the 'Releaser', destined to save the world from Melzas, an ancient demon on his quest to world domination, who is also responsible for people's nightmares.

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