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Monday, December 19, 2011

PC Game : Spiderman 2

Spiderman 2 Mediafire Link

Spiderman 2 pc full [Mediafire PC game] Description The PC version of Spider-Man 2 has overly simplified gameplay. At its core, the PC version of Spider-Man 2 is attempting to do the same thing that the console game does. It takes only the most basic shreds of story from the movie of the same name and inserts them into an action game. In an attempt to liven things up a bit, the game does more than merely pit Spider-Man against Dr. Octopus. You'll also face other villains, like Mysterio, the Puma, and on multiple occasions you'll square off against Rhino.
When you aren't doing that, you're stopping bank robberies and beating up on other, lesser thugs. Generally speaking, the game doesn't go out of its way to tell any story at all. You'll get a cutscene here and there, but most of these cutscenes are ugly. A few of them come from the console versions of the game, and these look just fine. But the cutscenes that were created specifically for this version of the game are awful. They run at a choppy frame rate, and the scenes would probably look better if they were just rendered in-engine. System Requirement Windows XP/2000/ME/98 Pentium 3 600MHz or Athlon 600 MHz or higher processor 128 MB 100% DirectX 9.0b-compliant 16 MB video card and drivers DirectX 9.0b 4x CD-ROM Drive DirectX 9.0b-compatible 16-bit sound card 827 MB (plus 400 MB for Windows swap file) Install Notes - Unrar file - Mount using Daemon Tool - Install - Play the game

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2 comments to “PC Game : Spiderman 2”

aal_bjm said...

part 3 gak mau didownload gan

Anonymous said...

Lapor Gan, Part06-07 Gak bisa di download,pls corrected ......!

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